Air purifier E3 paragraph

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Air purifier E3 paragraph

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    Product introduction:
    1 advanced air purification technology, efficient removal of PM2.5, PM0.3 formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases;
    2 select the original brand motor, with unique aerodynamic wind wheel, high wind, low noise, energy saving;
    3 high security, overload, tilt, and shutdown protection lid loose surface;
    4 automatic purification, mobile phone APP remote sensing (optional), infrared remote control + intelligent touch control;
    5 LED rainbow light display air quality in real time, can be intelligent, manually adjust the filter mode;
    6 ultra quiet sleep mode, enjoy the natural state;
    7 patented products, unique customization
    Model: KJ350G-E3
    Noise: 0~65dB
    Control mode: mobile APP/ panel / remote control
    Particle CADR: 350m3/h
    The cumulative amount of purified CCM:P4 particles (12000 M)
    Negative ion quantity: 10 million /cm3
    Formaldehyde CCM value: F4 (15000 M)
    Circulating air volume: 400 m3/h