RO reverse osmosis water direct drinking machine

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  • 根基范例
    Filter introduction:
    1: PP cotton filter: the filter precision is 5 microns, removal of sediment. Rust. Sludge colloid particles. More than 5 micron.
    2: pre activated carbon: removal of residual chlorine and. Harmonia odor. Some organic compounds and heavy metals.
    3: sintering activated carbon: removal of Harmonia.H2O. bacteria. Virus. Heavy metals pesticides.
    4:RO film: remove bacteria. Virus. Base. Heavy metal pollutants. Chemical pollution. And other organic compounds such as inorganic impurities. 5: further sterilization, improve the taste.
    Product Name:RO reverse osmosis water direct drinking machine
    Applicable water pressure: municipal tap water.
    Item No: TSY-ROK-75D
    Wade approval approval number: Wei Yue water word 2016 No. S2607.
    Applicable hydraulic pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa.
    Rated power: 25W.
    RO membrane working pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa. Inlet temperature: 2-38 degrees C.
    Filtration accuracy: 0.0001 micron.
    Washing method: automatic flushing.
    Product size: 472*155*373MM. Net water flow: pure water speed: 7.8L/ hours, net water production speed: 2L/ minutes;
    Water quality is affected by water temperature.