Quick connect type ten stage ultrafiltration machine

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Quick connect type ten stage ultrafiltration machine

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    Introduction of filter element:
    1, PP high quality cotton fiber core: coarse filtration of raw water, filtered in the water sediment, rust, colloid and suspended matter magazine;
    2, KDF+UDF filter: adsorption of coarse filter into the filter water, remove the water color, odor, chlorine and halogenated hydrocarbons and other organic matter;
    3, ion exchange resin filter: ion exchange resin can be replaced by calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce the hardness of water;
    4, negative potential energy filter: adjust the pH value of water, so that the water is weakly alkaline, high efficiency of activated water;
    5, natural stone filter: can even release more than 20 kinds of trace elements needed by the body of minerals and trace elements;
    6, FIR far infrared filter: the launch of far infrared ray, can quickly turn water into a small molecule with the energy of water, soluble in the human body and biological useful elements and trace elements;
    7, trace element mineralization elements: mainly to add calcium, strontium, sun, lithium and other useful minerals for the human body, add water activity;
    8, MES strong magnetizing system: electromagnetic induction, under the action of the magnetic field, so that the physical and chemical properties of the water change, become a biological effect of magnetized water;
    9, PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane: Poly fluoride material, can filter out the water colloids, suspended solids, bacteria, etc., the filter accuracy of 0.01 microns;
    10, HUDF silver composite micro crystal carbon: can improve the taste, inhibit the growth of bacteria, to ensure water quality and safety, so that the water quality is sweet and delicious.
    Product Name: quick connect type ultra filtration machine
    Product model: TSY-BUF-10__
    Rated total water volume: 1000L
    Net water flow: 0.3-2L/min (0.25Mpa)
    Water quality: municipal tap water
    Working pressure: 0.1-0.25Mpa
    Applicable environment: 5 degrees C-45 degrees C
    Specifications: 335*168*420mm
    Effluent quality: compliance with the requirements of the health safety and function evaluation standard of drinking water quality processor (2001)