Oxygen treasure

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Oxygen treasure

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  • 根基范例
    Product introduction
    1, the primary stainless steel filter: effective filtration of sediment and other large particles
    2, water power generation: the conversion of water into electricity
    3, the original Japanese chip manufacturing: oxygen titanium alloy oxygen treatment
    4, water vapor mixing: oxygen mixed with water
    5, super high frequency: high frequency magnetic super strong magnetic field lines cut into small molecules of weak alkaline water
    6, post filtration: improve water quality, to achieve the best taste
    7, the formation of small molecules of oxygen water: weak alkaline water oxygen formation
    Water treatment categories: self generating ozone water machine
    Type: directly mounted on faucet
    Product quality: about 250 grams
    Generator: three phase AC generator
    Working temperature: 0-50
    Generator power: 3-4.5W
    Working humidity: 25%-90%RH
    Starting pressure: 0.12-0.45Mpa
    Product size: 100*70*82mm
    Ozone production: 90mg/h
    Ozone water concentration: 0.3-0.5ppm