Car Purifier

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Car Purifier

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  • 根基范例
    Filter introduction:
    1, the use of axial suction and the use of centrifugal force transverse output, the output of clean air volume of 60 cubic meters / hour, every cycle of purification of 1 minutes;
    2, multifunctional composite filter: strong adsorption, decomposition of bacteria and harmful gases (pre filter, intercept hair, pet dander,
    Large particles of dust - efficient HEPA, effective filtration of PM2.5, new car smell, second-hand smoke flavor, bacterial mold, keep the air clean - three-dimensional air duct,
    Greater filtration area, strong decomposition of bacteria, viruses, harmful gases;
    3, anion purification;
    4, three-dimensional air duct: three-dimensional circulation of air, a larger area of clean air.
    Item No: KJ-60G-A2
    Rated voltage: DC 12V;
    Rated power: less than 8W
    Noise: 38 DB
    Application of space: 10 fand M
    Dimensions: 200*160*47mm
    Net weight: 600g